Interview with comedian Eshetu and his crew


Interview with comedian Eshetu and his crew. Behind the camera of the donation process. The EOTC is one of the most ancient, universal, and above all Apostolic Oriental Orthodox Christian churches with over 2000 years long history. A history that even dates back to the Old Testament. The EOTC is a Church governed by her Apostolic Canon law and unique traditions deeply engraved in the lives of her followers. 

As globalization spreads and people travel from their homeland to another part of the world, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Christians are also finding themselves in various parts of the world. The EOTC who realized the need to reach her faithful followers has been making every effort to increase its presence around the world for the past 50 years. It is this effort that has made it possible for the establishment of many EOTC churches in several countries around the world.

Monasticism is an integral part of the EOTC tradition. A tradition deeply valued and respected by many. Monastic life was first introduced to EOTC followers by a group of missionaries known as The Nine Saints that were fleeing the anti-Monophysitism prosecution during the Byzantine Empire in the late 5th Century. 

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