With your help, we have been reunited with our families


Thank you EBS. With your help, we have been reunited with our families. A wonderful story from Adama to Saudi Arabia. My background is different, and of course, this sector is very difficult to regulate. It has a backlog of so many difficulties. I was initially frustrated, but I believed that a small effort to correct the market would benefit the public. 

I’m now working on it with passion and happiness. The challenges are good to face, I believe, and earlier I was a state minister at the Ministry of Health during COVID-19, which was a very challenging time. I couldn’t even take a week to think about the industry because of how quickly I got into it. I didn’t have enough time to know more about the sector and investigate it, but I believe I have now mastered it.

The government has been the sole importer of petroleum products for a long time. Some neighboring countries, like Kenya, involve the private sector. In these countries, 70 percent is imported by the private sector and 30 percent by the government. 

Indeed, their governments determine the monthly fuel prices and regulate the market. Making deals with sellers, carrying the burden of foreign exchange expenses, and more have always been the responsibility of the government.

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