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Male lion vs twenty hyenas

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male lion vs twenty hyenas, this battle happened a few days ago, but i have to point out that this was a very old weak male lion, and even twenty hyenas were still very cautious of him.


Sometimes things can be created through the act of destruction, perhaps it sounds strange, but with Winta Assefa, a sand animator, that is how it is.

Winta is a 22 year old sand artist who creates dynamic narratives by manipulating tiny grains of sand into vivid images and scenes.

She usually performs her art in a darkened room. She lights a glass table from underneath; the glowing table would be her canvas, and her fingers, the brush. She pours steady streams of sand on the table with a loosely clenched fist. Running her fingers through soft sand and guiding the tiny specks into recognizable images.

Then, with a sudden wipe, her piece becomes a blank canvas again. Piece after piece, frame by frame, the images add up to a coherent storyline that packs a dynamic narrative. So when performed, her live sand-drawing, becomes more like a short film than a piece of static art. And the storytelling makes life and time flow by, right before your eyes.

Winta creates these fluid illustrations from memory. Majority of her arts are seen on her YouTube posts, or social media. But sometimes, she performs for live audiences, with an overhead camera instantaneously projecting a video onto a large screen for the audience to see.

Her performances are choreographed, and synched to a soundscape, which she chooses or compose to enhance the mood. The process and her hands look like they are following the rhythm. But, at the end of the performance, this artist winds up with no artwork. This is the creative and destructive nature of sand art. And perhaps that’s what makes it so appealing; its beauty is in its fragility and short-lived nature.

“Each image requires the destruction of the previous to exist.” Winta explained. Many artists struggle to part with their artworks let alone erase it, but Winta admits she feels on the contrary. “If anything, I enjoy destroying my own work, maybe it’s the metaphor that all will come to null and destruction.”

“I don’t have that possessiveness, with any physical item. I don’t romanticize sand. It’s a tool for me, it’s a mode of expression, I don’t elevate it to anything more than that.”


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