Because of the debt I have, I work and enter empty-handed


The sad story on the New Chapter program. Because of the debt I have, I work and enter empty-handed. “However, the agricultural sector is still strong and vibrant. It hasn't been hit as hard as industry and tourism,” he noted. According to the researcher, affecting the international tourism and industry sectors does not have much impact on the agricultural sector in Ethiopia.


However, he recommends modernizing the industry at all levels and improving productivity. Adem thinks the government should have a plan to control fertilizer prices in times like the war.


On the other hand, inflation has become a challenge for the country, despite better agricultural performance and some positive macroeconomic indicators, said researchers, adding that people with low incomes, the fixed, low-income segments of society, and the majority of the population who serve are heavily impacted by inflation.


Therefore, he recommends fixing prices, controlling artificial price tags and money supply in the market, and balancing money supply and real economic growth in the short term.


In addition, effective safety net programs and humanitarian services should be provided in areas of the country where people are hit hard by a variety of challenges.


The researcher points out that increasing output and productivity, structural changes from agriculture to industry, and institutional arrangements will also be important to address long-term inflation-related problems.

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