The military display in mekele


Ethiopia - TPLF's staged military display in mekele.

Upon completion, the dam will transform the environment assets around the lake and the entire population can have access to electricity. Egypt’s concerns have taken several negotiations and meetings, but “ I think the culprit here is the colonial treaty.




In 1929 and 1959 where Egypt is made 100 percent beneficiary of the Nile River, with of course Sudan in the second treaty.  Ethiopia is given zero, he revealed.




The professor clarified the point by saying, “ Egyptians might feel frustrated, but I don’t think they need to take it anywhere except to seat down and agree on both the economic and humanitarian aspect of this dam because the dam is owned 100 percent by Ethiopians and Ethiopia has respected all international water agreements that are necessary to build this dam and fill it with water. 




Therefore, the fear of the Egyptians  is very unfounded.” Over the last three years, the rainfall pattern in Ethiopia has been good and storing water in the highlands of Ethiopia means less evaporation during the dry season in Egypt. So Egypt will have more water, he stated.

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