Congratulations to ebs journalist Mekdes Debesay.


Congratulations to ebs journalist Mekdes Debesay. Find all you need to know about the best destinations to travel in Ethiopia. Furthermore, plan for your dream travel destination in Ethiopia by first selecting the right one for you. Destinations in Ethiopia - Ethiopian Destinations.


The course of a wedding celebration almost always ends with you and your loved one heading on a holiday to celebrate your union.

The world is huge and offers a plethora of places to visit, but here we shall tell you more about a lesser-known continent for having the perfect honeymoon.


An African honeymoon could provide you with a lovely and memorable holiday to celebrate your love. Whether you are searching for something classy or bucolic, unique or popular, expensive or cost-efficient, the African continent is the perfect place.


The following are our top 3 African honeymoon destinations that we believe will enable you and your loved one to witness an unrivaled and magical experience. Although Mozambique is recently getting to be better known, it is still a hidden treasure among the best African honeymoon spots.


Maputo, the capital city offers African honeymooners a chance to enjoy unique African nightlife, with traditional ways abounding and the lively environment teeming with rhythm. The gentle, blue, pristine, and warm Indian Ocean offers Mozambique the Bazaruto Archipelago, which seems like heaven on earth.


With long stretches of sandy beaches an ocean that sparks with life and beauty, and islanders that are warm and welcoming, one is sure to have an African honeymoon, never to be forgotten. Add to this, flora, fauna, and tropical palm trees, and you shall not regret this trip.


Kenya is a beautiful place that will allow you to explore your wild side by simultaneously providing you with scenery bordering on a glimpse of paradise. There is a profusion of fauna and flora that adds to Kenya's brilliant natural landscape.


If you are looking for a beautiful beach, then Mombasa is the place to go. Looking for a mountain to visit? Then the famous Mount Kilimanjaro is there and waiting. Looking for a safari, then Kenya is your place. Kenya is the perfect African honeymoon, as the country offers you so many things to do and places to visit.

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