Don't let the middle open - Megabi Hadis Eshetu's message


Ethiopia - Don't let the middle open - Megabi Hadis Eshetu's message. More than the figures, what left me in a deeper grief was the Memorial inauguration where we had a night gathering around 3pm to tribute those drowned in the dark blue sea of the Mediterranean six years ago, and thereby pronounce “Never Again”, a cliché that is put forth again and again everywhere a similar crisis occurs.




Standing there close to the Memorial in silence, and struggling to stifle my tears as I scanned through a long list of names of young brothers and sisters from Eritrea and Ethiopia was a distressing experience. It was even more aching to see survivors walking round the monument and looking on names of fallen compatriots. Some of them may have come from the same village, fled together and died together.



I was particularly touched by one of the young men, who, screwing up his eyes, stared right at his brother’s name; the name he would fondly call as brothers grown up together under the same roof. He could make it to Europe, but his brother couldn’t, which tells loud about the fate of most of irregular migrants.

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