Tales of the diaspora by Bewketu Seyoum


An entertaining monologue by Bewketu Seyoum. Tales of the Diaspora by Bewketu Seyoum. It is the name of one of the female characters in the movie. I gave it that title. The story itself starts in Meskerem, in the season where flowers bloom. Adey is a flower in Amharic. So, the title is associated with the character and the season. 


Plus, the flower’s color yellow is our major color and theme. The story is simple so that housemaids, the rich, the poor, and everybody can gather and watch with equal enjoyment. It has no complications. You just enjoy it.


Locations for telenovelas are very limited. There is a big house in which almost 80Pct are placed in. Characters move between the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. It is manageable because the production does not go to many places. 


It is shot around Entoto and Legetafo. It is mostly indoor shooting. Does the original version or the adapted story prevail more? For instance, is Adey more foreign or Ethiopian?

She is Ethiopian.


Everything about this series is new. The genre, channel, and even the actors. We exerted big energy and emotion, despite challenges. Television has its type of actors, just like it has its kind of spectator. 


So, we tried to cast fresh actors so the viewer would not be irritated or bored too early. Of course, the story is also strong and very attractive. I urge people to buy DStv and watch this upcoming production.

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