Daily Ethiopian news update 19 September 2020


Daily Ethiopian news update 19 September 2020

Ministry of Revenue announced that it has collected 42.2 Billion Birr over the last two months. The Ministry said it has achieved 107 pct of its tax collection target collecting 42,204 Billion Birr during the last two months, July and August 2020.



The income generated over the last two months has shown a 10.7 increase compared to the revenue collected during the same period of the last previous fiscal year. The improving devotion among taxpayers and the boosting team sprit between executive bodies and employees contributed to the successful achievement gained over the last two months. The nation is planned to collect 164.29 Birr Inland Revenue till the end of the 2020/2021 budget year.



The World Cleanup Day has been observed in Addis Ababa through community based clear up campaign involving participation of senior government officials including Deputy Mayor Adanech Abiebie, among others. Marking the Day, hundred thousands of residents of the city led by Deputy Mayor Adanech Abiebie conducted debris clear out in residential quarters and vicinities of schools and religious institutions in Addis Ababa.



According Deputy Mayor Adanech, close to a million residents of Addis Ababa have participated in the cleanup campaign held today in the capital. It is also stated that disinfection activities have been carried out in schools ahead of the restarting of the learning teaching process in the city. On the occasion, Deputy Mayor Adanech expressed gratitude to residents for their involvement in the cleanup campaign calling for continues support in making Addis Ababa the cleanest tourism destination.

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