Sagin Meteku speak his sad story


Very sad | Sagin Meteku speak his sad story to baladaraw 

In the meeting NEBE presented a document outlining “the potential impact of  situation on the administration of the 2020 general elections in Ethiopia with a particular focus on the voter registration operation and related activities scheduled to start in the coming weeks.” Sources who spoke to Addis Standard on conditions of anonymity say that the Board is “significantly behind its schedule” in recruitment of poll workers, scheduled to take place from 25 January to 30 March.

The document presented at the meeting discussing the impacts of stated that NEBE “acknowledges the risks involved in moving forward with the electoral process, both from a public safety standpoint (e.g. spreading the virus) and operational standpoint (e.g., disruptions to the global supply chain, delivery of polling materials, etc.). At the same time, significant delays to an already-tight timeline may result in delays to voter registration & even polling.”

The Board’s document also presented a table outlining the impact of a two week delay on the voter registration process. “It is important to note that a delay to any of the below activities would have a knock-on effect the launch of the voter registration at the end of April, making it difficult if not impossible, to meet the announced date.

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