PM Abiy Summoned officals


Ethiopian news update Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Summoned officals.

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has contributed 5 million USD to the Government of Ethiopia to promote the efficient response towards the current pandemic in the country.  KOICA and Ministry of Trade and Industry have virtually signed Memorandum of Understanding on the project for production of personal protective equipment (PPE) to retain jobs in small and medium enterprises engaged in leather and leather products.



According to ENA, in addition to job retention, the project has also contribution to prevent the spread of the current pandemic, and sensitization of the rural population. According to a press release KOICA sent to ENA, 500,000 USD of the donation is committed to support the production of PPE by re-purposing small and medium enterprises.



Federal and regional leadership this morning met to evaluate government response to natural disasters that have affected various regions in the country. During the discussion, it was noted that despite intense flooding, there are no reported deaths and the National Defence Forces have been on the ground undertaking necessary measures.



The leadership set directions on various issues including on relief efforts being undertaken by the relevant authorities. The meeting also evaluated the sporadic security incidents that have been occurring, particularly in the border areas, which are being perpetrated by groups aimed at overturning the reforms journey. In a tweet, the Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed said that “a special operation will be activated to hold accountable all perpetrators with the oversight of the Attorney General.

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