A heavy weapon was fired at the churches of Laila


A heavy weapon was fired at the churches of Laila. The Elderly Citizens Association in Tigray Region told the Amharic Weekly Reporter that the senior citizens who have not been paid their pension for more than two years are dying from hunger. 


Association Chairman, Araya Gessesse, said that years ago, the number of retired people in the Region was 75,000. There is a new unidentified number of additional retirees, Araya said. The Chair revealed that there are about 100,000 pensioners including the new ones.


The Chair said that retirement pay of about seven months has been released. Although some people have received the payment, most of them are still waiting.  Araya does not know how many people received the payment. 


He does not have the full information in his hand, but he is certain that all pensioners have not yet been paid.  “It was not possible to get the details.” Only those in the Mekelle area received the retirement pay,” he said.


Araya said that as these senior citizens are exposed to ailments like high blood pressure and diabetes that come with age, they need finance for medical treatment. That is why retirees should put aside money from their salaries. 


The money they expect to receive as a pension is highly needed when they are weak. Therefore, the Chair of the Elderly Citizens Association has called for the government’s support and collaboration to resolve the problems being witnessed here.

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