Ethiopian daily news update 23 march 2020


Update about corona | Ethiopian daily news update 23 march 2020

We can eliminate unnecessary fear and worry by being cautious and diligent. Avoiding places with huge crowds, avoiding body contact, avoiding travel, social distancing, aiding those people suspected to have contracted the virus go to hospitals, keeping good hygiene, disposing of rubbish properly etc. are some of the actions that can be taken as measures that help in decreasing the spread of the coronavirus and contain it. 

We have to stop spreading fake news or overblown information and actions that encourage discrimination and bias. In addition, information sharing should be central to stop the spread of the virus; by involving everyone in transparent discussions by sharing ideas on important issues that are a concern of the public at large.


Tracking the spread of the virus, Johns Hopkins University, on Friday reported 246,275 infections and 10038 deaths worldwide until The Reporter went to press. With Europe becoming the epicenter for the outbreak, has now overtaken China in deaths recorded; with Italy and Spain being the most affected. 

Many countries including Ethiopia have closed schools, nonessential meetings and sports; while Europe has went even further and put millions in mandatory lockdowns.

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