Entertaining stay with Dirshu Dana


Entertaining stay with Dirshu Dana. Telenovelas are novel stories written on various topics like love but of longer duration. It is like a soap opera, but different at the same time. It can go on for up to two years. It is kind of like Cinderella stories in which a poor boy loves a girl from a rich family. 


Or maybe about the adventure of pursuing a criminal. The stories are very simplistic, non-complicated, and melodramatic. It is also called ‘middle class’ because it is made for that sector of society. It is the kind of movie that everybody can watch.


 They evaluated movies produced by us. We have good productions but have no experience with TV drama shows and usually take time to produce. This forced them to compromise, but they wanted to capitalize on our strong side of quality production. So, they picked us after comparing our previous works with other producers.


They gave us ample time to create a backlog. The whole production time should take a year and nine months. It has been three months since we began with pre-production taking one month. We have currently shot around 21 episodes.


They bring people on board using two mechanisms. They either commission actors to work on the movie or rent the production license. After first receiving payment from them we bring on the actors and production crew, then produce the movie and give them the content. 


It is their content and we have nothing to add. We do the casting and artistic works, but they might forward suggestions. There are specifications on the type of HD camera, and sound we have to use.

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