Samson Mamo - Zim Alelem Episode 2


Samson Mamo Zim Alelem Episode 2 | Zehabesha Special | Samson Mamo

Both the ODP and the Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) have formally decided to join the Prosperity Party (PP) which will replace the ruling front. It is unknown how the even went within the ODP or whether Lemma Megersa opposed the measure. Previous reports indicate Lemma Megersa supported the establishment of the Prosperity Party during the EPRDF Executive Committee meeting held earlier this month. Six members of the TPLF voted against the measure and two abstained.

Lemma Megersa's expressed opposition may signal deep divisions within Oromo political forces. It appears that on the one hand there is the reformist, pan-Ethiopia force led by PM Abiy Ahmed, and on the other, there are regional Oromia forces made up of several factions, including the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the Lemma Megersa wing of the ODP. How this dynamics plays out leading to next year's national elections remains to be seen.

When asked whether this will means division within the ODP and possible breakup, he said he will do everything possible to discuss the issues with all concerned parties and correct course. He will do so unless he is asked to quit the party, he added. Ultimately, he said, he will do whatever is necessary in the interests of the Oromo people.

In the past, Lemma Megersa is known for declaring that, to him, his Ethiopian identity is like addiction. This earned him hero status at the time. Since then, he has been accused of reneging on that pledge, including when civilians were attacked by Oromo youth in different areas and during the forced demolition of many houses in Legetafo, near Addis Ababa city.







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