What Happened With Colonel Biniam Tewolde


Ethiopia has declared it would discharge many prominent detainees from prison, including resistance activists held over a supposed upset and other high-positioning government pundits. 

Among those to be discharged are units of the National Movement of Amhara (NAMA), an ethnic-patriot resistance bunch accused of assaults a year ago that the administration portrayed as a territorial upset endeavor. 

Hundreds were captured in the result of the June viciousness in Ethiopia's north that left five high-positioning authorities dead and loaded weight on an administration battling to adapt to ethnic strains. 

Biniam Tewolde, a previous delegate chief of Ethiopia's cyberintelligence office INSA, who was imprisoned in 2018 for defilement, is likewise among those to be exonerated, his legal advisor Haileselassie Gebremedhin told AFP.

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