I don't like when someone snores


The entertaining Enetewawekalen Woy program with host Lula Gezu. I don't like it when someone snores. Reflecting on our values nurtures empathy and understanding towards others. When we take the time to understand our values and how they shape our perspectives, we become more open-minded and receptive to different viewpoints. 


This empathy allows us to approach relationships with curiosity and a willingness to learn from others. It fosters a deeper connection and appreciation for the unique perspectives and experiences of those around us.


Reflecting on our values is a transformative process that positively influences our relationships with others. By embracing authenticity, seeking shared values, supporting each other's growth, effectively resolving conflicts, establishing healthy boundaries, and cultivating empathy, we create a fertile ground for building meaningful connections. 


When we engage with others based on shared values and mutual understanding, our relationships become sources of joy, support, and fulfillment, enriching our lives and the lives of those we care about.


Reflecting on our values deepens our self-awareness, which in turn improves our communication skills. When we understand our values, we can articulate them clearly to others, fostering open and honest conversations. 


Effective communication of our values allows us to express our needs, desires, and boundaries, leading to greater understanding and stronger connections with others. Relationships thrive on trust and authenticity. 


When we reflect on our values and live in alignment with them, we project an authentic image to others. By consistently demonstrating our values through our actions, we build trust with those around us. Trust forms the foundation for meaningful relationships, enabling deeper connections and fostering a sense of safety and emotional intimacy.


Reflecting on our values helps attract like-minded individuals into our lives. When we are clear about our values and actively live by them, we emit a certain energy and vibe that resonates with others who share similar principles. 


As a result, we naturally gravitate towards individuals who align with our values, forming connections based on mutual understanding, shared interests, and compatible worldviews.

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