Yebeteseb Chewata With Nesanet episode 28


Yebeteseb Chewata With Nesanet Workneh season 22 episode 28. Getachew Atinawu, a 26-year-old man from the Summit neighborhood in Bole District, makes a living by cultivating and selling house plants. He stated that the slim likelihood of finding employment after graduation was what prompted him to pursue a floral business. 


In 2018, he formed a micro and small business called Getachew and Zemede Landscaping with just ETB 30,000 in startup capital. “The work is incredibly rewarding, and for three years it was quite cool,” Getachew told EBR. “We provide a wide range of options, and each one has a distinct price.”


ETB 20 is the lowest price, and ETB 3,000 is the highest. Most of Getachew’s clients use plants to decorate their residences. Most clients purchase the products at an average price of between ETB 350 and ETB 80, depending on the area. Elsewhere, house plants can be purchased for up to ETB 8,000.


“The society’s attitude seems to be changing with time,” Getachew says. “These days, a customer will visit and ask about the price, and they won’t be surprised at the price increase.”


Due to the current state of the nation and the decline in construction, businesses such as Getachew appear to be slowing down. When business is good; they could sell ETB 8,000 worth of flowers per day. In addition to the money they made from sales, they were able to make more money by decorating people’s homes.


Getachew shares that when they first began the job; the area where his business is located was filthy and smelled horrible as it also served as a marketplace for sheep and goats. But today it is much more appealing, with the whole place smelling like flowers. 


Getachew’s business was recently at risk when he was told to evacuate his place of work, and there seems to be no hope for a replacement location. With the business being the only source of livelihood for Getachew and his colleagues, the future still looks bleak following the news of the evacuation.

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