Wolkait is the cornerstone of the TPLF's measures - Dr Dagnachew Assefa


Andafta Media interview with Dr Dagnachew Assefa. Wolkait is the cornerstone of the TPLF's national atrocities - Dr Dagnachew Assefa. The multifaceted bilateral cooperation between Ethiopia and China can serve as a successful model for Africa, outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia said. The ambassador stated that he is glad to see the bilateral relations of the two countries strengthened over the last two years.


In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Tan Jian said the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and China this year will give a big boost to the bilateral relations of the two countries.


“ When we see our bilateral cooperation it is not just bilateral. We want it to be a model for China-Africa cooperation and a model for south-south cooperation. I do believe together we can do a lot,” Ambassador Jian elaborated.


China’s support is aimed at seeing a successful development stories in Africa, according to Ambassador Tan Jian, who further stressed that: “ …Ethiopia is a strong candidate for that in many areas: agricultural development, poverty alleviation, and even high-tech areas like digital economy. So, I do believe that China-Ethiopia cooperation could be a model.”

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