Mustafa Mohoumed on EPRDF merger


Mustafa Mohoumed Omer is a Somali activist who is the acting interim president of the Somali Regional State in Ethiopia. He was appointed to the post on 22 August 2018 following a political crisis where the Ethiopian military forced Abdi Mohamoud Omar to resign after a stand-off with the central government.

Ethiopia’s ruling coalition of four parties endorsed a political merger with five regional ruling parties and changes its name to Prosperity Party on late Thursday.

According to a statement by the coalition bureau, the merger brings to the fold affiliate parties, which broadens the coalition’s mass base just ahead of a May 2020 parliamentary elections.

The merger was sought for a long time by ruling parties in Harari, Benishangul, Gumuz, Gambella and Somali regional states to have an equal footing with the four parties

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has conveyed a message about the merger of major and support parties of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

His message came after the conclusion of the three days meeting of executive committee members of the ruling coalition which approved the merger and finalized bylaws and political program of the party which will no longer be revolutionary democracy.

In his three minutes of message, to be exact a litter over three minutes, he said that the new party, Prosperity for Ethiopia, is capable of ensuring not only material prosperity of Ethiopia but also the dignity, freedom and multi-faceted prosperity of Ethiopia.

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