Yebeteseb Chewata Season Final Program ( Gena Special Program )


Ethiopia Yebeteseb Chewata Season Final Program ( Gena Special Program )


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has extended Christmas wishes in connection with the celebration of Genna-Ethiopian Christmas.

Ethiopians mark the birth of Jesus Christ on January 7. 

In his Christmas message, the Premier has emphasized the need to uphold love, peace and coexistence.

“If we make humility our worth rather than arrogance, I am confident that we can move to a path of love, unity, cohesion and trust leaving that path of hate and division” he said. 

He urged all to play their respective role in order to nurture love and peace thereby ensure development.

Abiy expressed his belief Ethiopians can build a great country if they manage to cooperate and respect each other saying “God has given us the chance  to build our country.”

“Let us do what expected from us and get what we deserve,” he urged all to stand together for the accomplishment of the sweeping reforms.

Ethiopians celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January as the Horn African nations use its own calendar.

The day is marked following a 40-day fasting season, mainly by followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. 

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