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Another shortcoming afflicting the Ethiopian political scene is the fact that political parties have become nothing but talking shops. The cardinal obligation of an organization on which it is incumbent to accept the will of the people as expressed through free and fair elections is to abide by the law. When the rule of law is upheld such fundamental rights as freedom of thought, expression, assembly and association will be respected; the conduct of affairs of government shall be transparent and entail accountability; forums instrumental for the free flow of diverse ideas and the creation of a culture of dialog will be created; discharging one’s duties will come before demanding rights; and there will be no place for cheating, lying, conniving, intolerance,  invoking the people in vain and other moral vices.

As parties begin to operate in a manner which positively contributes to the attainment of these goals the youth’s political consciousness will develop; they will mature into inquisitive and rational citizens which do not fall prey to incitement to violence. The creation of such a generation creates a favorable condition for the peaceful pursuit of political objectives. However, elements implacably opposed to this because they view the youth as nothing more than blunt instruments which do their bidding are doing everything in their power to sow instability. It’s at such critical juncture that everyone who feels they have a stake in the fate of Ethiopia needs to exert a concerted effort to find durable solutions to the seemingly intractable challenges confronting the country.

Ethiopia’s continued existence as a cohesive polity can be assured through a brand of politics that eschews violence.  The country has gone through countless wars either for control of power or to repel foreign aggression for the better part of its history. The wars fought during the reign of Emperor Tewodros II, who is credited with laying the foundation for modern-day Ethiopia by bringing an end to the Era of princes, to the rule of the EPRDF have resulted in staggering humanitarian and material losses. 

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