He kept me as his girlfriend while he had a wife and child


He kept me as his girlfriend while he had a wife and child. Interference and Conflict: However, family intervention can also lead to interference and increased conflict within the marriage. If family members impose their opinions or agendas without respecting the autonomy and privacy of the couple, it can create tension and strain the relationship further.


Lack of Boundaries: Family intervention may inadvertently blur boundaries within the marriage. If family members become overly involved in decision-making, and personal matters, or try to control the relationship, it can disrupt the couple's ability to establish their healthy boundaries and independence.


Unresolved Issues: Family intervention may not address the underlying issues within the marriage. While well-intentioned family members may offer advice or solutions, they may not fully understand the complexities of the relationship. This can prevent the couple from confronting and resolving their problems, potentially leading to long-term dissatisfaction.


Strengthened Support Network: On the positive side, family intervention can strengthen the couple's support network. If family members provide a supportive and nurturing environment, it can help the couple weather challenges and provide a foundation for growth and improvement in the marriage.


Strained Family Relationships: In some cases, family intervention can strain relationships within the larger family unit. If family members take sides, become overly involved, or engage in conflicts with the spouse, it can create tension and strain familial bonds.


It's important to note that every situation is unique, and the impact of family intervention on a marriage can differ widely depending on various factors. Open and honest communication between the couple and family members, setting clear boundaries, and seeking professional guidance, such as marriage counseling, can help navigate family involvement in a constructive and supportive manner.

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