Artist Temesgen's new music video behind the scenes


Artist Temesgen's new music video behind the scenes. The art of making movies, also known as filmmaking or cinema, is a complex and collaborative process that involves various creative and technical elements.


At the heart of filmmaking is storytelling. It starts with the development of a compelling script or screenplay that encompasses characters, plot, dialogue, and themes. The story serves as the foundation for all other aspects of the film.


Pre-production: This phase involves planning and preparation before the actual filming begins. It includes tasks such as casting actors, scouting locations, designing sets and costumes, creating storyboards or shot lists, and organizing the production schedule and budget.


Directing: The director plays a central role in bringing the vision of the film to life. They work closely with the cast and crew, guiding the performances, making creative decisions about camera angles, framing, and movement, and ensuring the overall artistic coherence of the film.


Cinematography: Cinematography involves the art of capturing images on film or digitally. The director of photography (DP) or cinematographer works in collaboration with the director to create the visual aesthetic of the film. They make decisions regarding lighting, camera angles, composition, lens choices, and camera movements to visually convey the story and evoke emotions.


Acting: Actors bring the characters in the script to life through their performances. They interpret the dialogue and embody the emotions, motivations, and complexities of their characters. Good acting is crucial for creating a believable and engaging story.


Production Design: Production designers are responsible for the overall visual look and feel of the film. They work with the director and cinematographer to create the film's visual style, including designing and constructing sets, choosing props, and creating a coherent visual world that supports the story.

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