Esat discontinued its satellite transmission


Zemedkun Bekele said i am going to be seen on sat tv and Esat discontinued its satellite transmission.



The individuals that were sued are Haregewoyne Tedla, Azeb Miretab, Efrem Mulatu, Temesgen Yilma, Adefres Habte , Daniel Tibebu and Mesfin Asmamaw. The companies included on the charge file are; JJ Properties Management PLC, TTH Trading PLC and Boston Real-estate.



The file indicated that the individuals were involved in an illegal act that entailed forceful confiscation of a seven floor hotel property owned by Cosmo Trading PLC. The property is located at Wolo Sefer, Bole and was confiscated as collateral for the compensation of a loan.



FAG’s charges stated as follows: Efrem (Defendant 3) had swayed Haileyesus Mengistu (plaintiff and owner of Cosmo Trading PLC) to take a loan from Azeb (Defendant 2) when he was faced with a liquidity crunch. The charge adds that Azeb (Defendant 2) stated the money needed would be availed to Cosmo Trading PLC by Haregewoyne (Defendant 1), who lives in the US. In June of 2016 a non-formal or traditional agreement between Haregewoyne and Haileyesus (plaintiff- ‘accuser’) was signed for the provision of 50 million birr with a nine percent interest. Azeb and Efrem (Defendant 2 and 3) were witness signatories to the traditional agreement. In addition, the collateral for the loan was the seven-storey building which has an estimated worth of 250 million birr, the charge stated.

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