The mother spoke in detail about the child and his biological father


Interview with Meheret Assefa. The mother spoke in detail about the child and his biological father. This was the wish of a father of three; not because he was a bad father to his three kids; not because he couldn’t afford to put food in his children’s mouths, though many moms and dads worry about just that, preventing their kids from malnutrition. 


He was a member of a dwindling species whose number one priority is giving kids a proper upbringing in a slippery world, a species whose three priorities in life are children, children, and children. 


The dinner table is always full; his wife is a loving mother, also a member of another dwindling species.  So, how come such a devoted father who seems to have such a good home life wishes he didn’t have kids?


His boss! That was the reason. As mentioned in a previous article, this guy, too, is a victim of the prejudices of a very unfriendly boss. We have more than our fair of those guys, don’t we? Those bosses who act like Idi Amin, Augusto Pinochet, and Pol Pot rolled into one. 


The riddle is that our guy couldn’t pin his boss’s hatred for any particular reason. He couldn’t even guess. Still, his boss is making sure that life for this guy wouldn’t be smooth.


The Harassment assumes different forms. But he feels the most serious of all was that someone was trying to make him look like a sympathizer of some political group which is not seen with kind eyes by those in power. And this guy is the kind of person who adheres to the saying ‘Keep away from live electric wires and politics.’


Given the fact that many bosses are having field days for all the wrong reasons, I’ve decided to be one. 

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