Asrat Haile (Goradew), has been in bed for a few days


Asrat Haile is a renowned football player and coach who has significantly impacted Ethiopian football's history. Future generations will remember Asrat's exceptional contributions as a player and coach. 


He has played for several prominent clubs and memorably represented the national team. He has achieved numerous victories for clubs and the national team throughout his coaching career. Specifically, he is an incomparable coach who has won multiple trophies with the St. George team over the years.


He is an unmatched coach, mainly due to his success in claiming trophies with the St. George team over numerous years. Asrat Haile is the coach responsible for bringing home the first international trophy to Ethiopia as a national team champion.


He went through a 53-year journey transitioning from a player to a coach. The sports hero Asrat (Goradew) suddenly became sick with a severe headache, causing immense stress for his family. Ethiopian doctors have informed him that he should seek treatment abroad as it cannot be provided in the country. 


They've emphasized that failure to address the illness quickly could result in hearing and vision issues. Unfortunately, the funds required for this treatment exceed Asrat and his family's financial capacity.


To assist Asrat Haile, I, Ruth Asrat Haile (Asrat's daughter), have partnered with DMV Ethio Brothers to create this GoFundMe account in my name for my father's benefit. All funds raised will be deposited into my account, and I will eventually be responsible for sending the money to Ethiopia or whichever country he will undergo treatment.


Thus, all individuals who have had the experience of playing alongside Asrat Haile, been coached by him in various clubs, reside in different nations, and the families of soccer players have united to assist him.


Asrat Haile

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