The sad news heard from Sodo Gurage


Anchor Media news update on August 21, 2023. In Gurge, 17 people including 8 members of a family were killed by (Shene) militants. A veteran politician said that the country has been entangled with corruption and nepotism. Andargachew Tsigie said in an interview, he had with Anchor Media that individuals close to the ruling party have become the richest citizens out of the blue. 


Andargachew a well-known politician who was once kidnapped by the TPLF in Sana'a, Yemen claims people in Ethiopia are living hand-to-mouth. He mentions that residents of Addis Ababa are forced to pay 10,000 birrs for a quintal of teff and 100 birrs for a kilo of tomatoes. 


But on the other side of present-day Ethiopia, some individuals throw wedding parties at a cost of millions of birr, according to Andargachew.


Andargachew said that a quintal of teff was sold for birr 3,000 some five years back and a kilo of tomato was priced at birr 20 birr. Now things have gone from bad to worse, according to him. He said that he can hardly imagine how 90 percent of the people survive this cost of living. 


The veteran politician expressed surprise at how the officials and other few individuals who are affiliated with the incumbent were drenched in corruption and nepotism. He said, during his interview with Anchor Media that those who were once poor have currently emerged as a muscular power in terms of financial resources. 


These people who had no means of their income have amassed a big amount of money estimated at hundreds of millions of birr. 

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