What makes a woman unique?


I am Wintana Yilma I will help you grow your knowledge about yourself and others so you can have a healthy relationship. Women have both brains and beauty. Women like Lady Gargi and Lopamudra have been respected for their intelligence and quick thinking since ancient times. They continue to be well-known and successful in many fields. 


Girls are doing better than boys in national and state-level exams in India and other countries. If you are not happy yet, you can learn about people like Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, Vijay Lakshmi Pandit, Mary Warnock, Margaret Atwood, and many others who show wisdom and knowledge.


Sorry, there is no text provided to simplify. Please provide the text you want me to simplify. Women nowadays are very good at expressing themselves and are great at talking, persuading, and being leaders. Women are good at talking to people and making good deals because they have great personalities and are very good at speaking. 


Women can talk and understand each other better than men can. Many companies have started hiring more women because it is the main reason. Leadership Qualities - Don't believe that women can't make good decisions and lead well. They can be just as skilled at it as anyone else. Lots of women have shown great leadership in various jobs. 


These women are leaders. Angela Markel leads Germany, Janet Yellen leads the Federal Reserve, Helle Thorning-Schmidt leads Denmark, Indira Nooyi leads Pepsico, Melinda Gates co-leads Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Sheryl Sandberg leads Facebook, Chanda Kochhar leads ICICI Bank. They show that women can be great leaders.

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