Colonel Demeke Zewdu unveiled the truth


Ethio 251 media news update on August 25, 2023. Colonel Demeke Zewdu unveiled the truth. Following the disclosure of the Ethiopian Defense Minister's new government policy on Welkait during the Ashenda holiday in Tigray, the authorities in the Wolkait-Setie Humera zone are now sharing their thoughts.


Ashete Demelew, the leader of the administration in the Wolkait and Setit Humera zone in North Gondar, criticized the Defense Minister's statement. He believes that the statement is reckless, biased, and does not follow the law. The Defense Minister used to be a part of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF).


Ethio-News reported that Ashete accused the Defense Minister's statement of refusing the requests of the Wolkait people. He clarified that the people in Wolkait Tegede did not force others to leave and blamed the TPLF group for killing in the area for over thirty years.


To prove his claims of a large number of people being killed, he mentioned the discovery of many graves with multiple bodies in the area. "He said that everyone should understand that there will not be any weapons taken away and there will be no changes to the way things are organized in Wolkait. "


The local government is saying no to the plan for a referendum - which shows that the people don't like it either. He said the TPLF forcibly took control of Wolkait instead of going through a referendum.


People in the Wolkait zone are angry about what the Defense Minister said. Two days ago, Colonel Demeke Zewdu, an important person, said to the news that people in Wolkait feel very sad and angry because of what Belay Abraha said.

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