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Ethiopia: Interview With zeritu kebede | Zeritu Kebede Speaks About Her New Single 

Sileshi Bekele (PhD), Ethiopia’s Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity said Ethiopia has rejected Egypt’s latest proposal on the filling of multi-billion dollar Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

A tripartite meeting between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan took place in Cairo on Sunday and Monday for the first time in more than a year. Earlier reports show Egypt and Ethiopia were “at odds” over the issue.

Speaking to local media today, Dr. Sileshi said that Egypt has proposed its own plans which suggested the filling of the dam’s reservoir to be conducted within seven years period of time and a minimum guaranteed release of 40 billion meter cubic (BMC) of water every year as well as demand to maintain High Aswan Dam (HAD) at 165 meter above sea level.

A classified document obtained by Addis Standard discussing Ethiopia’s position on the demands made by Egypt (refereed as “Technical aspects of the agreement on the Filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam(GERD)”, submitted on 1st of ‘ August 2019″) rejected the demands and provided explanations on Ethiopia’s position.

Accordingly, Ethiopia rejected Egypt’s proposal demanding it “to commit to release the ‘natural average flow’ of the Blue Nile measured at the GERD site because it was “based on the recorded flow of the Blue Nile for the period 1911 to 2018.” During this period, the Blue Nile flow fluctuated between a minimum of approximately 29 BCM (in 1984) to a maximum of 69 BCM (in 1917)’ The average annual flow for this 108 years is approximately 49 BCM.”


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