Artist Mekdes Tsegaye becomes a mother of twins


Ethiopian Artist Mekdes Tsegaye becomes a mother of twins. Making traditional fabric is very difficult. Weaving is important for making traditional clothes, but it's also very hard and tiring. Cotton goes through various steps before it can become clothes.


Biru has been making Gabbi and Netela for a long time. He sells the things he made in the market near his village. He sells a traditional Ethiopian cloth called Gabbi for a price between Br 300 to 350. 


He also sells another traditional Ethiopian cloth called Netela for half the price of Gabbi. To make a Gabbi, Biru says you need three large spools of thread that cost between Br 30 to 40. Sometimes you won't get a lot. Biru said that sometimes you might sell things for less because you need to get back home to your family. 


He didn't want to say how much money he earns each month. Not all people who make clothes work at home. At Gudnesh, there is a place where weavers work. It is located in Shiro Meda, where weaving started in the city. There are nine buildings, each with four floors, and more than 650 weavers have been working there since 2009. 


It is a well-organized place. The government made this website for this reason. At first, the weavers didn't have to pay to use the space, but now they're paying $17. 00 per square meter, starting two months ago.

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