The youngest Ethiopian model who studied modeling


The youngest Ethiopian model who studied modeling. Research indicates that engaging in standup comedy can have various positive effects on health. Comedy can help you feel less stressed by making you feel relaxed. It makes you laugh and makes you not think about your problems. 


Research has shown that comedy can be a helpful and healthy way to let go of negative feelings. Instead of using bad habits to let out your anger and stress, you can use humor to feel better.


It lowers high blood pressure. A fun night at a comedy club not only makes you feel better, but it can also make your heart beat faster and make you breathe faster. The heart and breathing rates of the body slowly decrease, causing the blood pressure to go down by the end of the show.


Surprisingly, a scientist found out that watching a very funny movie can lower blood pressure for an entire day. Other studies have shown that watching funny TV shows can improve blood flow in our arteries while watching sad programs can damage our blood vessels.


A Standup comedy can help lessen pain. It also helps reduce stress and may be helpful for long-term pain relief. When you laugh, your body can make natural painkillers and it can also help your muscles feel better by interrupting the cycle of discomfort.

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