The fate of Benishangul Region


Ethiopia: The fate of Benishangul Region

ELF is the only global online Leadership Development Program dedicated to young women aged between 16 and 21. It is designed and delivered by seasoned coaches and leadership practitioners. Each course is three months long and there will be three in a year. The ELF program aims to help young women discover their own expression of leadership and learn to apply it. They will learn competences such as emotional intelligence, conflict management, time management and be given the opportunity to explore their life’s vision, to reflect on their life’s purpose and engage in an intentional life path.



All the learning in lectures, coaching and in peer group discussions will be framed by the four pillars of self-responsibility, environmental responsibility, social responsibility and financial responsibility.

ELF will provide a space where young women  along with their peers from around the world, will be able to harness their own potential and evolve in accordance with their own vision of their lives.



The ELF Program will also support young women to expand their career and professional paths by holding regular talks with various guest speakers who will share about their own life paths, the challenges they faced, The first intake in January 2021 is the inaugural cohort; we call those participants Founding Members. They will be pioneers in a brand new program which will certainly grow course by course. Our Founding Members will always be the ones that new participants look to for guidance and inspiration as they embark on the journey.


We want to have young women who are between the age of finishing secondary school and before finishing college. This is a very special age and we feel that if we can equip young women at this age with leadership skills, it will have the most impact. I am sure all of us, at some point, have wished that at that age we were given better guidance about our futures, and more practical wisdom to help us tackle those tricky years of moving from one phase of our lives into the next. It will be a bit like being taken aside by older, successful women who will tell you what they wished they had been told at that age.

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