Eight Signs You're Consuming Too Much Sugar


Here are eight signs that show you're eating too much sugar. Eating lots of sugary foods can make you more likely to get sick with different illnesses. These are 8 signs you eat too much sugar. Sugar tastes good, but too much sugar is not good for you.


Your blood pressure is good if it is 120/80 or less. Sugar can also raise your blood pressure, not just salt. A study shows that when it comes to having healthy blood pressure, it's more important to cut down on sugar than on salt. The study was published in the BMJ journal Open Heart.


If you eat too much sugar, you are also eating too many calories. But unlike other foods, sugar doesn't make you feel full because it doesn't have protein or fiber. When you eat a lot of sugary things, your body makes more insulin, which puts extra fat in your belly instead of in other parts of your body. 


Eating a lot of sugary foods can make your blood sugar level go up or down. Changes in blood sugar can cause fast changes in how you feel, such as feeling sad or annoyed, and can affect your thinking. Eating too much sugar regularly may cause inflammation and lead to arthritis in women, according to research. 


If you eat too much sugar, you might feel pain in your joints. Also, eating sugary food at night can make you feel energized when you need to relax and go to sleep. The study shows that if you don't sleep well, you are likely to eat more foods with a lot of sugar.

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