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With regard to coordination with the national authorities & international partners as next step measure outlined in the document, NEBE cautioned that it was important to note that international partners were taking institutional measures such as remote working or repatriating most of their staff, “which will have significant impact on their technical & financial assistance.

 “Additionally, given the global health crisis, there is significant risk that fund earmarked for elections support globally can be re-purposed to support humanitarian & health support, the Ethiopian elections international support may considerably diminish as a result.”

In June 2019, UNDP and NEBE signed a USD 40 million project document to support the election in Ethiopia.

A news report published on Ethio-Election, a web portal dedicated to track electoral news and information, quoted its sources within the Board 

that a significant number of employees of foreign agencies (international partners) working with NEBE to support the election process have returned to their respective countries 

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