Addis Ababa businessmen who speak Chinese fluently


Addis Ababa businessmen who speak Chinese fluently. “It amazes me to know how much has changed when it comes to aesthetics and the love for flowers,” Yitbarek says. “I have customers who come here and look at the flowers as if they are looking at the child they love the most.”


He sells both indoor and outdoor plants for the home. While plants kept inside the home don’t require sunshine, outdoor plants do. 75 Pct of clients purchase outdoor plants to spruce up their yards, according to Yitbarek.


According to studies, indoor plants not only add beauty to your home but may also improve your health and well-being. There are several ways houseplants might enhance indoor air quality, as plants absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and emit oxygen, they also produce water vapor through transpiration and vapor transpiration, which increases humidity.


Indoor plants lower stress levels, and having plants in your home or workplace can help you feel more relaxed. Studies have shown that working in an area with plants can also help reduce both physiological and psychological stress.


Taking care of plants can be a therapeutic exercise. Indoor gardening has also been shown to be beneficial for those who are experiencing signs of a mental illness. Horticultural therapy has been utilized by researchers to improve well-being in patients with depression, anxiety, dementia, and other diseases.


Indoor plants do, however, have some drawbacks. These include maintenance needs, insect problems, and occasionally toxicity. Indoor plants that are neglected are more likely to get pest infestations, including scale, mealybugs, aphids, and spider mites. 


Although they are difficult to notice with the unaided eye, spider mites, which are linked to arachnids rather than other insects, produce obvious webs. People should also be careful when bringing indoor plants into their homes if they have dogs or cats because many common indoor plants are poisonous to animals.

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