Frash Adash part 10 by Tesfahun kebede


Ethiopia Entertaining comedy satire Frash Adash part ten by Tesfahun Kebede

During the occasion, the Bureau of the Assembly expressed its deep appreciation for the positive and constructive approach displayed by the three parties in finding a peaceful, negotiated settlement on all outstanding matters, and further emphasized the importance of a win-win outcome, in the spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

In this regard, the Bureau of the Assembly decided to lend renewed impetus to the Tripartite Negotiations and urged the three parties to expeditiously work towards finding a mutually acceptable and amicable solution on the outstanding technical and legal issues in the negotiations process.

The Bureau welcomed the commitment of the three Parties to an AU-led process.

Accordingly, the Bureau of the Assembly agreed to augment the Tripartite Committee dealing with the GERD issue consisting of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan with the participation of observers, namely South Africa in its capacity as Chairperson of the AU, Members of the Bureau of the AU, and experts from the Commission, with a view to addressing outstanding technical and legal issues.

The augmented Committee will present its report to the Chairperson of the AU, President Ramaphosa within a week from the issuance of this Communiqué.

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