The sad story of the family


The sad story of the family. Esayas encountered a lot of challenges while trying to start his own business. He only had 53 birrs to start with, so he couldn't afford to hire employees. As a result, he did all the graphic design work by himself. 


"He said that when he started, he only had 53 birr. " I didn't have any workers because I didn't have enough money to pay them. I used brushes and paint to create graphics because computers and the internet were not available back then. I am proud to provide high-quality work for the clients.


Esayas is married and has three children. He remembers those difficult times very clearly. He frequently stayed up late at night, working very hard to make designs as good as possible and delivering them himself. Slowly, people started to hear about how good he was at his job and his reputation became stronger as a skilled and trustworthy professional.


He slowly grew his business. Currently, Esayas Entertainment has 150 employees that work in various industries such as clothing, printing, and making steel. Esayas's creativity and business-mindedness have sometimes faced difficulties from the local government and police. 


But he didn't give up and continued to invest a lot, like 10 million birr in buildings, 25 million birr in clothes, and 40 million birr in buying land. Overall, he has spent around eighty million Ethiopian birrs on building facilities in Israel.


Esayas Entertainment is a top company in Ethiopia's advertising industry. Its founder is well-known for achieving great outcomes. The agency serves a range of clients from small local companies to big multinational corporations, and they are dedicated to finding solutions for their needs.

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