Actress Mekdes Tsegaye becomes a mother of twins


Congratulations to Teddy and Mekdes Tsegaye. Actress Mekdes Tsegaye becomes a mother of twins. Taking care of children can make you feel very tired. If we don't take care of ourselves and our families, we might not appreciate the good things in life, like watching our children grow up and leaving a good legacy for them.


God's word is a good place to go when we need to remember what is true in life. God's teachings help us remember the most important things in our lives. This tells us that there are many good and beautiful things in our world, and our kids are one of the best things we have in our lives.


I found out that I wasn't noticing the special moments of my children's childhood anymore. I was busy doing one thing all day and then quickly started doing something else. I didn't enjoy being a mom because I was always thinking about things that needed to be done and worrying too much. God is helping me remember that the time I have with my kids is special.


Their funny laughter should make others laugh too. Sometimes I work hard, but sometimes I also take a break to be in the moment. As a mom, I've realized that when I focus on being thankful instead of getting annoyed, I feel happier throughout the day.


Whenever our lives feel like they’ve gotten off track, Bible verses are a safe place to return to get refocused on what’s truly important. What is truly important in life is emphasized by God’s Word. It reminds us to appreciate the lovely things in life, such as our children.

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