"Ezmir Nebere" a poem by Elias Shtahun


A poem by Elias Shtahun that you can listen to with tears is "Ezmir Nebere". The Cross: the emblem of our salvation and Christian faith. It reminds us of the sufferings and death of our gracious and ever-loving Lord Jesus Christ. 


It is thus the sign of peace, deliverance, victory, and eternal hope of resurrection. The symbol of the cross is omnipresent in Ethiopia, the island of Christianity, with a variety of shapes and rich symbolism. 


Some of the blessings it conveys for us are bodily health, spiritual grace, and divine protection from evil spirits. Processional Crosses: These are used throughout the various Church services to bless the faithful, the sacraments, and the four corners of the world. They are also carried in a special procession during Church ceremonies.


Processional Crosses have a shallow shaft into which a wooden handle called matsor (bearer) is inserted to consist of the main body of the cross, the shaft, and the lower arms. The arms have symbolic meaning and a practical function as well. 


They serve as the loops through which a hanging cloth is hung.  This symbolizes the linen cloth with which Jesus’ body was wrapped. Neck Crosses, worn on a cord around the neck, are the most numerous and best-known of Ethiopic crosses.


A cord tied around the neck of baptized Christians, called Matab, has been the outward symbol of faith since early Christian times. Poetry matters because it is an essential part of human culture. It allows people to express concepts in unique and resonant ways that sometimes survive and continue to inspire readers for thousands of years.


Poetry serves various purposes, such as being a means of expressing oneself, capturing the beauty of the world, providing entertainment or even functioning as a teaching tool. It has numerous benefits for writers, readers, educators, and students alike.


Some students resist learning poetry because they feel that it is too difficult to understand and write and therefore boring and pointless. Discussing the benefits of reading and writing poetry with students can help make it more enjoyable and give everyone a better sense of the importance of this field of study.

Ethiopian Poetry
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