The first DNA testing institute in Ethiopia


Sunday on EBS - The first DNA testing institute in Ethiopia. We deal with numerous cases from Ethiopia monthly and our experience with the country means we have established a safe environment for you/your relative to have their DNA collected. Our main collection site is in the capital of Addis Ababa and our regular contact with these doctors insures a comfortable and quick appointment. 

In order for us to help you gain immigration to the UK, we need to perform a DNA test. This requires us to compare DNA collected from someone in the UK with someone in Ethiopia in order to establish a biological link. Your DNA will be collected by one of our doctors or at a medical centre you specify through a quick and painless mouth swab. The swabs are then compared by our lab to prove the biological link.

You can find out more about where our doctors are located in Ethiopia below. We choose these locations based on their high populations and easy transportation links. If our locations are not suitable, please contact us and we will arrange to find a more suitable collection site.

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