Sultan Kasim on Ethiopia Constitution


Zehabesha Special - Sultan Kasim on Ethiopia Constitution - Beyene Petros | Abiy Ahmed

The first one is that which denies the existence of any link between the two concepts. Few years ago, the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said in the world economic forum meeting that he believed that there is no any cause and effect relationship between democracy and development. 



For me, it was a pronouncement of a political motive rather than an intellectual assertion. But, there are political scientists who strongly argue in line with this view. They point to China's and other Asian economies that developed without democracy. These countries have managed to lift hundreds of millions of their people out of poverty. But, no one ever considers that these nations might have enjoyed a better development with democracy. Westerners argue that this thought will not work when these economies grow to economies where service is the predominant sector.



 They claim that the two concepts are independent of each other, and can easily be achieved without necessarily depending or leading to the other.



The second view is that democracy should precede development as the former is an indispensable condition for the latter. They say that the nations will sustain heavy damage due to absence of democratic governance. They are responsive to the growing demand for freedom in the society. They claim that political problems are highly connected to the authoritarian nature of the past and present governments. 

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