Artist Abebe Balcha shared his life experiences


Ethiopian Artist Abebe Balcha shared his life experiences. He mentioned that it's important to have good communication. He said that we need a society that loves the country and this should not be based on feelings but should be able to think for the society.


He said that everyone must make a peaceful generation by making people want to learn, improving their abilities, and showing how to live together. Panos Hazendrias, who is a professor, mentioned that our education system concentrates on helping students to develop their abilities and knowledge that is specific to their culture. This way, students can truly express themselves and showcase their unique talents.


The discussion also mentioned that to shape the new generation better we should pay attention to families and schools. We need to understand what's happening in our country right now and address the current problems facing this generation.


To create a generation that includes everyone, the participants in the discussion suggested that we need to make the school system better, help teachers improve their skills and behavior, encourage young people to read more, and get rid of the feeling of being excluded. They also said that all these efforts should start at home.


Scholars, media professionals, and students were invited to a discussion about making a generation that includes everyone. In Addis Ababa, there was a talk about a new tradition called "Shaping the Generation of Addition". This tradition is the main subject of a book called Addis Ababa.

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