After 11 years of street life, a new life began


Sada's life has changed, After 11 years of street life, a new life began. To fix it, it's not money earned from investments but rather money earned from selling goods or services. Airlines have to be registered in one place. 


Ethiopian Airlines is registered at Addis Ababa, but not at Nairobi. Even though it has operations there, it doesn't need an office in Nairobi. If the airline flies from here to Nairobi, the head office in this city will pay for everything needed for the flight to Nairobi and back to Addis Ababa. 


The boss in Nairobi gathers the sales and then sends them to the main office. The main office takes some money for your job and records the rest in their accounting system. Sadly, it is hard for some of those countries to give out the money they have. Sometimes, countries don't have enough money from other places, so they need to save it by using less. 


If the government has more important things to pay for like healthcare, schools, and roads, then they will not give as much money to the airlines until those things are taken care of first.


If countries don't have enough money from other countries, it can cause issues for airlines when transferring their money. In some situations, airlines cannot get their money back because they were not given enough importance and attention.

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