Are the roads connecting Tigray and Amhara closed?


Ethiopian News September 18 2020 | Are the roads connecting Tigray and Amhara closed??

Bereft of the perseverance and commitment required to exhaust all lawful and peaceful options, bellicosity and extremism are increasingly coming to define Ethiopian politics. This can be borne out by the reluctance of the political elite to obey and enforce the constitution regardless of its perceived or real flaws. 


That these elites are toiling day and night to sow the seeds of deep division and distrust among various communities as opposed to doing their part to improve the lot of fellow citizens is deplorable to say the least.


Why are the ruling Prosperity Party as well as other parties vying in federal and regional elections loathe to engage in a dialogue that helps identify and tackle the intractable challenges Ethiopia is confronted with? Why do they lack the desire and willingness to sit down and deliberate on critical issues which have detrimental impacts on national unity and the wellbeing of citizens? 


How can a culture of nonviolent political engagement flourish while divisive and hateful narratives have been dominating the political discourse for decades? Why did the disagreements that led to the call for arms to the Tigray people prove impossible to resolve peacefully? 

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