Eshale Worku was surprised with her daughter's birthday


Seifu on EBS - Eshale Worku was surprised with her daughter's birthday. Exercising one’s freedom can face various challenges, particularly in the face of political circumstances and oppressive regimes. 


These obstacles often hinder individuals from freely expressing their rights, especially when there are restrictions on the platforms and mediums available for voicing their opinions. It is crucial to acknowledge that freedom of expression is interconnected with other fundamental rights, such as freedom of association and assembly.


However, it is important to understand that the ability to exercise rights extends beyond the realm of media alone. In a political context where citizens are prohibited from forming assemblies and expressing their political opinions, the concept of true freedom becomes questionable. 


Thus, it is imperative to establish an enabling environment that allows individuals to exercise their rights without constraints. To achieve this, a comprehensive legal framework should be implemented. 


Such a framework should not only ensure that individuals understand their rights and freedoms but also facilitate their practical exercise within a defined structure. By providing citizens with the necessary support and guidance, they can confidently engage in expressing themselves and exercising their rights.


I believe that the media should serve as a platform that allows all citizens to freely express their opinions while respecting the rights of others and avoiding interference. The media must fulfill its role in serving the citizens by providing them with time, platform, and space to articulate their perspectives.


In the promotion and safeguarding of freedom of expression, the media plays a vital role as a cornerstone of democracy. Beyond its responsibility to report news, the media should actively advocate for the practice of freedom of expression through various important functions.

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