Addis Ababa City Council discussion on the condominium issue


Dr. Muluken and Mayor Adanech Abebe's speech at Addis Ababa City Council discussion on the condominium issue. Addis Ababa City Administration on Wednesday said it has nullified the lottery draw that was administered last week to distribute condo units.  The city is claiming that the software application used for the lottery drawing has quality issues and was prepared in a way that individuals could exploit it in an illegal way. 

The narrative is different from what the city said about three days ago. Then, it said that the quality of the application was verified by the relevant body of the city administration. The Federal Ministry of Innovation and Technology was also consulted about it. 

With regard to the problem that was created during the lottery draw, the city said data uploaded to the software and the data sent from Banks ( which testifies that the registered users have been saving – one of the requirements to be in the lottery draw) showed a discrepancy. 

It was unclear as to who was behind it but the city said that it has made arrests. 25,491 Condominium units were distributed in the latest round which happened last Friday. 

Now it seems to be shifting the blame mostly to the developers of the application. It said, “The technology used for the lottery draw lacked legality in its contents and was used by individuals to pursue their illegal motive.” 

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