Sad news concerning Ethiopian Artist Girma Tefera


Ethiopia - Sad news Artist Girma Tefera lost his daughter. We wish comfort to the whole family.

Some critics suggest that the Federation should take responsibility to name anyone from a short list. “This is an emergency situation therefore the federation executive body should take the responsibility of naming one from short listed candidates” one of the critics suggested.


Second in “group K” with two points from two matches Ethiopia faces bottom of the table Niger away on 09/11/2020 and at home a week later. Madagascar tops the table with six points while group favorite Ivory Coast stands third having equal points with Ethiopia.


The introduction of a five year contract dealing isa new chapter in Ethiopian Club Football and other clubs need to follow the breakthrough that would definitely benefit both clubs’ and players as well the national teams” Tsegaye told reporters who attended the two players’ signing ceremony.


This could bring peace and calm among clubs that had been busy building new squads every two seasons.The move would certainly enable Ethiopia Bunna to engage in a long term plan and youth development while the players could stay focused on their carrier rather than switching teams every other year.


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