Dr. Yelekal Kefale resigned


Daily Ethiopian news on August 25, 2023. Dr. Yelekal Kefale resigned. The Council of Amhara regional state has appointed Arega Kebede, the former Amhara region vital events registration agency director as the incoming president after accepting the resignation of Dr. Yilkal Kefale at the ongoing 6th round, 2nd year term, first emergency meeting being held in the capital city Bahir Dar.


Arega Kebede had served as Amhara state vital events registration agency director general. Following high-level assassination in June 2019 including the then regional President Dr, Ambachew Mekonnen, Arega was appointed to head the Amhara regional state militia bureau, where he served for about a year.


The emergency meeting of Council convened this morning to discuss about the crisis in the regional state where six months state of emergency was declared earlier this month by the national parliament.


In his resignation speech, Dr. Yilikal said that that the political struggle of the Amhara people is complex and that the lack of common goal, common vision, an adequate struggle strategy and lack of the alignment of others have made the work of leading the region challenging, according to regional media.


He added that while the issues of the Amhara people that have been singled out are being resolved under the broad Ethiopian frameworks, polemic ideas have narrowed the platform to stand together. The Amhara regional state is put under a state of emergency in the wake of security crisis that his the region since April this year.


Under the SoE, civilian administration of the Amhara region is suspended and various individuals rights are restricts with the Command Post authorized to take several measures and prohibitions during the six month period of time when the state of emergency is expected to last.

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